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Dimsum Hour

Concept: Er Gao(CHN)

Choreography: Er Gao(CHN)

Performer: Yangyi(CHN),Lijunhua(CHN),ChengYongnan(CHN),Liuxuan(CHN),ZhongChuQian(CHN)

Produced by:Ergao Dance Production Group


People in Guangdong have been having a tradition of drinking morning tea, which is also called “yum cha” in Cantonese. Yum cha tradition is closely related to the development of teahouses. Back in the Xianfeng and Tongzhi period, the predecessor of modern teahouses had already come into view. San Yuan Teahouse, built in late Qing Dynasty, was the very first formal teahouse in Guangzhou. As typical Cantonese, whether it is a family or social gathering, people are fond of going to teahouses all the time. Brewing a pot of tea and ordering some dim sum, which constitute the fabulous dim sum hour, contribute to the sense of happiness of the reunion.

Since the reform and opening-up, the developments of economy and technology have greatly changed people’s lifestyle. The boundary between the child life of younger generation and the adult world has been gradually blurred. Artificial intellectual devices become the accompanies of kids in this forest of high rises.

However, as for Ergao, a choreographer born in 1980s, a childhood scene has never been wiped out from his mind, in which kids have fun in the teahouse, with the cards for stamps in their hands. The flows of Cantonese and the teahouse environment permeated with typical Guangdong appeal have formed a sense of recognition and belonging towards his hometown. 

Faced with this highly artificial intelligent society, how can we yearn the childhood full of Guangdong appeal?



OCAT Art and Design Gallery,Shenzhen,China