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Limb Clock

Choreographer:  Er Gao(CHN)

Dancer:  Zhang Dianling(CHN),Guo ZiXing(CHN),Wu Ling Yan(CHN),Kuai Yuting(CHN)

Music:  Ling Yiyuan(CHN)

Costume Designer: LUO JING(CHN))&Xu Xizheng(CHN))

Academic Adviser:  Dr.Wang Qian(CHN)

Produced by: Ergao Dance Production Group

Collaborate Partner: Chengdu Yuan-shu Contemporary Dance Space


“During the Jin Dynasty, on Shi Shi mountain In the town of Xin An, there was a man named Wang Zhi. One day, he came to this mountain in search for firewood. He saw several children playing chess – some of them were singing, so Wang Zhi walked closer to listen. One of the children gave him a mysterious item the shape of a date pit. When he swallowed it, he somehow didn’t feel hungry anymore. After a while, the child asked him, “Why haven’t you left yet?” When Wang Zhi stood up to leave, he saw that his axe was already entirely rotten. When he returned from the mountain, he could not find a single person who was from his dynasty.” – Lan Ke Guan Qi (Watching Chess with a Rotting Axe)

Ancient Chinese people created mythology through an understanding of their own bodies. They were able to find sanctuary in a mysterious alternative reality, and subversively use this to reflect upon their own selves and the world around them. In the folklore of Lan Ke Guan Qi, the construction of time and space creates a profound sense of conflict and dissonance – time is kind and generous towards the deities and spirits of the mountains, yet it is cold and apathetic towards the living. Through this story, people are able to find comfort in the very real constraints that reality places upon their bodies, yet still continuously search for an imagination of timelessness and infinity.

Similarly, young people living in modern China constantly move through two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces. In the age of selfies, internet romance, virtual reality and photoshop, people are searching for a utopian space outside the bounds of physical reality. Our bodies hence become huge vessels for time and space, containing the multitudes and complexities of god and human, self and other, male and female, strong and soft, passionate and indifferent…yet all this will one day fade and turn to dust.




City Comtemporary Dance Festival,Hongkong