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Salty Roast Crane

Concept: Er Gao(CHN)

Choreography: Er Gao(CHN)

Music: Liang Yiyuan(CHN)

Lighting and Visual Design: Low Shee Hoe(Malaysia)

Costume Design: Amy Chan(CHN)

Dancers: Guangdong Modern Dance Company(CHN)

Commissioned by: Guangdong Modern Dance Company(CHN)


Salty Roast Crane could be a dish like salted chicken of Hakka cuisine. Crane symbolizes a kind of beauty and transcendency. Crane is a symbol of grace and dignity. It's believed that everyone has his own taste on the special cooking method. How it would look like if a crane is stuck in a pot full of salt and cooked as time goes by? Life itself is a limitation. The life span has a time limit. The life experience is constrained by one's knowledge and culture. Everything we have will become a limitation to ourselves in some way. This piece starts with the concept of limitation. Crowded but disconnected, anxious while emotionally shunted, sensitive but feeling nothing could be done, if this is the kind of environment we know. How is it affecting us? Is there a way to reconcile and liberate ourselves from our own limitations?




Guangzhou Guangzhou Modern Dance Company experimental theatre,China

Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Festival,Hongkong