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Super Tight

Concept: Er Gao(CHN)

Choreography: Er Gao(CHN) In collaboration with GMDC dancers

Dancers: Guangdong Modern Dance Company(CHN)

Music: Yin Yi(CHN)

Lighting&Stage design: Low Shee Hoe(Malaysia)

Costume Design: SaSa(CHN)

Commissioned by: Guangdong Modern Dance Company(CHN)


About Lucy: Lucy was discovered in 1974 in Northern Ethiopia. 47 bones of a skeleton were unearthed- nearly 40% of a hominid, or humanlike creature, that lived around 3.2 million years ago. Based on its small size, and pelvic shape, it was concluded it was female and named it 'Lucy' after 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds', the Beatles song playing on the radio when the discovery was being celebrated. The discovery of Lucy has transformed views of how we became human.

Women could be the most powerful creatures in the society,seemingly complicated and menial though.When men are pounding head on a single little goal,women might tackle hands on enormous objectives.Women are absolutely more focused and determined.We are Lucys in modern times.What if the positions of male or female change over?Is it induced from desire?Twist or whirl,connected or related.Body has the real feeling whereverand whenever it is real.

Body twist or whirl caused muscle tight and transmits a signal of "nervous".Our mind reflects from and interacts with the body.The brains keep thinking over and over again when a new discovery happens to physique?Otherwise,it may be fear deep inside that influence body and soul.




Guang Dong Modern Dance Company Theater,China