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This is A Chicken Coop

Director: Er Gao(CHN)
Commissioned by:  6th Jumping Frames (Hong Kong)
Producer:  Shiya Lu(CHN)
Cinematographer:  Senax Feng(CHN), J.him Lee (Hong Kong)
Editor:  Senax Feng (CHN)    Music:  Yinyi (CHN)
List of actors’s  names:  Jerry Wang(CHN), Oliamber An (CHN),Coury Guo (CHN),Hui Wu (CHN),Ioku Ero Nikaido(HongKong), Stepahine Liang(Tai Wang), Ni Yan(CHN),, Hio Mei Lou(Macau), Elisabeth Bardin(France), Grandee Dorji(CHN),ErGao(CHN)


With the China’s  reform and opening up which began in 1979, it became big differences among areas’ economic development level. The population migration occurred with accelerated urbanization process, like birds.  The cognition of hometown and native place has changed qualitatively. As  the impact of modern technology on chicken in chicken coop, no one could escape. They are all  domesticated.

City is like a modern chicken coop, and people are like the domesticated chicken.  

Imagining human beings returning to an original state and conventional rules ae no longer apply.  Imagining human beings are objectified and the next dominating species have a completely different social system - what would the world be like?

Whenever we observe and approach other creatures, they are observing and approaching  us at the same time.



Screening in CINE CORPS dance film Festival(Paris/Rennes,France)

Screening in Segal Center Film Festival(USA)


Screening in Moovy Kölner Tanzfilmestival(Germany)

Screening in POOL 17-Internationals TanzFilmFestival(Germany)                     

Selected to won the “Special Screening” by AVDP(Athens)

Screening in Chaktomuk Short Film Festival(Vietnam)


Entered the Light Moves Festival of Screendance in Limerick(Ireland)

The ROLLOUT Jury Award,Rollout Dance Film Festival(Macau)