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Concept:Er Gao(CHN)

Music:Yin Yi(CHN)

Dancers: Er Gao(CHN),Li Yi (CHN)

Cinematographer/Editor: Yang Tao(CHN)

Commissioned by: 6th Jumping Frames Dance Festival

Produced by:Ergao Dance Production Group


About Lucy: Lucy was discovered in 1974 in Northern Ethiopia. 47 bones of a skeleton were unearthed- nearly 40% of a hominid, or humanlike creature, that lived around 3.2 million years ago. Based on its small size, and pelvic shape, it was concluded it was female and named it 'Lucy' after 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds', the Beatles song playing on the radio when the discovery was being celebrated. The discovery of Lucy has transformed views of how we became human.



France Cannes  Film Festival short film corner 

Hong Kong Jumping Frames Festival

Rome Asiatica Film Mediale,Italy

D'motion International Dance Festival,Malaysia